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Top Ten Attendance of All Time

June 29, 2020
1Charles Malik49195001254316542 Years  3 Months
2Danny Denson2248277666130530 Years  8 Months
3Jimmy Loya Sr.2123291671116133 Years  3 Months
4John Wiatrek Jr.1798278518100228 Years  7 Months
5Adolph Boelter Sr.174833769471733 Years  9 Months
6John Pfeil171733666971234 Years  2 Months
7Stephen Serna165727656381828 Years  4 Months
8Fletcher Kuhnel Jr.153723150380328 Years  5 Months
9Raymond Moczygemba143020336486320 Years  
10Sam Kotara Jr.124216442365530 Years